Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Bodypump 31 is a classic release :)

Out of every Bodypump there is a special one that takes the number one vote and that is my alltime favorite release 31.

Release 31 is one of those Bodypumps that is a hard and fast Bodypump. I taught the release only once the class got so used to the 40's series that a trip back to the 30's was a bit to hard for them to take :).

We did that one in class lots of times and I guess Bodypump back then was "Pump Hard Train Hard or Go Home" sorry :)

Anyway Perfect Day an awesome track indeed I just love that track outstanding motivating music and love the triples at the end of the class. One great intro track choreographed by Michael and an awesome start up to a Perfect Bodybalance.

Young Hearts Run Free is from "Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack with Leo Decaprio an awesome movie. This track has many bottom halves and an awesome killer ending to the class. Outstanding indeed a great sing along track. I always sing along to this track :) Yelling out SINGLES!

Stranded is one awesome chest track I love this track heaps. The singles at the end are a killer and the option of not going for the break is tops to me. Should have more tracks that have no rest in the chest track. Just crack up the volume and move man :) The song is a great singalong and is up there with The Race - Captain Jack as an outstanding track. The Race is so the anthem of Bodypump! IMO

Here I go again by my favorite track 3 artists ever. Here I Go Again is classic track 4 and the only track I know that has 3 parts to it. I like the reverse section of the track and then back to set and burn the shoulders and back to the end. I love this track heaps and is my vote for Bodypump 30's series classic Bodypump. 3 2 1 Ignition and her we go :) and the countdown 3 2 1 is just a buzz to do :)

Girls on film by Duran Duran an awesome track 5 because we get to do Duran Duran in Bodypump and Girls on Film is from my generation. Tons of tricep presses the ending is choreographed to perfection I like Plate Extension Work I have not seen that in a while in Bodypump until release 38.

Toms Party is a great biceps track I love that track there is no rest in that track at all and the ending is a slow and painfull sequence I have never seen an ending to a track 6 like that one ever since. I would love to do an ending like that one. One can hope Michael does it again.

Mysterious times by Sash is an outstanding track one great lunge track indeed. The lunge/squat combinations are awesome and love the 2 phases of the track :) I managed to rack on 30 kgs to do this track.

Can you feel it is a controversial track which I liked it is the hardest shoulder track ever nothing compares to this track ever. If you have done this track then you know what I mean. I managed to use 5 kgs plates throughout the track "Crazy" and managed to maintain that weight on the bar as well.

Shake that booty ......... just love it :)

Baby hit me one more time is a tricky track you need to switch in the mid-line and have total control.Abs to Britney is just a great way to end a Bodypump class. The twists add to the dynamic of this track it is just outstanding :)

Hit me baby one more time in the abs please :)

Spente le stelle is and will always be one special cooldown track if you have done Verdi Maria then you know that Emma and her music is so cool to cooldown to. The same track was used in Release 40 as an awesome chest track which is an awesome release. Learning that that was a joy and doing that track is a complete joy. Timing is crutial in this track if you don't time it and learn it then why bother doing it :) IMO.

It took me ages to learn that track.

The ending where you reach up and return to set position awesome :)


1 BP 31 Perfect day Indigo
2 BP 31 Young hearts run free Respect feat. Hannah Jones
3 BP 31 Stranded Lutricia McNeal
4 BP 31 Here I go again E-Type
5 BP 31 Girls on film Duran Duran
6 BP 31 Tom's Party T Spoon
7 BP 31 Mysterious times Sash! Feat Tina Cousins
8 BP 31 Can you feel it NYCC
9 BP 31 Baby one more time Britney Spears
10 BP 31 Spente le stelle Emma Shapplin

Michael J McSweeney I love your work!


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